Why You Should Not Overlook Chiropractic Care for Relieving Pain

Chiropractic care is a well-known and validated treatment for pain, particularly back and neck pain. There are many other types of pain that chiropractic care can alleviate. If you have pain and you haven’t considered chiropractic, you may be overlooking an effective treatment option.

Chiropractic care is more than bone popping.

If you think of having your back cracked when you think of going to the chiropractor, you aren’t alone. Many people aren’t aware of the many elements of chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care is focused on the health of your musculoskeletal and nervous systems, which includes your spine, but also your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other soft tissues, all of your bones, and your nerves. Although Dr. Nelson may perform a spinal adjustment as part of your chiropractic care, much more is involved.

When your musculoskeletal system is properly aligned, it functions better, and you have less pain. But, being aligned is just the first step. We’ll also help you learn the basics of biomechanics so that you’ll remain in alignment.

In addition to adjustments and biomechanics, Dr. Nelson may use one of the following treatments:

The most appropriate therapy depends on your specific circumstances. Our staff will discuss any treatment recommendations with you and explain how our treatments will help with your pain.

Back pain

Most people are aware that chiropractic care is an effective approach to treating back pain. In fact, the American College of Physicians recommends non-drug methods for treating low back pain and suggests spinal manipulation as one of the therapies.

Neck pain

The second most common reason people seek chiropractic care is to treat neck pain. Your neck, or cervical spine, is delicate and can easily become misaligned.

Studies have shown that chiropractic care is an effective approach to treating neck pain. If you’re looking for relief without drugs, this might be the right method for treating your pain.


Few people realize that chiropractic care is often an effective way to treat headache pain. There are many different types of headaches, with various root causes, but because your musculoskeletal and nervous systems are frequently involved, chiropractic care may be the most appropriate treatment.

Other conditions

Chiropractic care can treat pain due to numerous other conditions. Just a few of them include:

Regardless of the cause of your pain, there’s a significant likelihood that chiropractic care could be a part of your treatment plan. Dr. Nelson is happy to evaluate your situation and make treatment suggestions. Chiropractic care is safe, with few risks.

If you’d like to learn more about chiropractic care in general, as well as how it may be applied to your pain-relief goals, book an appointment online or by phone at Root Medical Center.

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