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IV Therapy

“When vital nutrients like amino acids, ascorbic acidsglutathioneB vitamins and more are injected directly into the bloodstream, the results can be both immediate and effective. Because IV drip therapy can be customized to provide 100% of the vitamins and nutrients needed per individual, many patients of IV nutrient therapy experience a significant, sudden boost in energy.”

*(Olympia Pharmacy, 2020).

What is IV Therapy?

IV nutrition can aide with dehydration, boosting immune system, muscle recovery, mood improvement and so much more! Hydration clinics are showing up throughout the United States with the goal of correcting nutritional deficiencies. We neglect to take the appropriate vitamins and minerals in through our diets and supplementation, but even if we do our bodies absorb them differently through the intestinal tract than through the bloodstream. IV nutrition puts the vitamins and minerals right where they need to be for the greatest effect! Many clinics suggest that IV nutrition therapy should be done regularly to achieve optimal results. Individuals that choose to do it as a "quick fix" may not see the desired benefits previously mentioned.


  • Boost Energy Levels and reduces needs for energy boosting coffee, soda, energy drinks or supplements

  • Helps with Age Management by improving hair and nail health, clear skin and may help to improve eyesight

  • Reduces symptoms from migraines such as pain, light or sound sensitivity, dizziness, vomiting and nausea

  • Helps Boost Immune System which can help to prevent illness

  • Can help stabilize mood and decrease anxiety

  • Helps improve symptoms related to PMS

  • Improved athletic performance and by eliminating toxins, boosting endurance level, and aid with hydration and reduced recovery times

  • Can help to reverse symptoms of hangovers such as muscle and stomach pain, fatigue, mood changes and then headache and dizziness

  • Aide with healing from chronic illnesses such as Multiple Sclerosis, Lyme, Fibromyalgia, etc.

  • Can aide with side effects related to cancer regimes, such as chemo, and has proven to help cancer patients to rebound quicker between doses and feel better overall

*Olympia Pharmacy. (2020). IV Vitamin Therapy Benefits. Retrieved from


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