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Chiropractic Care & Natural Therapies in Vernal, UT

About Us

Vernal Chiropractic has been serving the Basin for more than 50 years. We believe that your body can heal itself and maintain healthy function by a combination of various holistic, non-invasive, natural healing techniques. We offer a variety of treatments to maximize your health and wellness. Vernal Chiropractic integrated Root Medical to add even more holistic medicine and aesthetics to offer our patients a wide range of services and treatments to better serve you. Everything we do is researched based and something we ourselves use.​​

At Vernal Chiropractic and Root Medical, healing and wellness are at the heart of everything

we do. Dr. Ryan Nelson, a 4 th generation chiropractor, and his wife Niki, our dedicated clinic manager, lead our team with a shared commitment to kindness, care, and patient-centered focus. With a legacy deeply rooted in chiropractic care, Dr. Nelson brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to each treatment, ensuring personalized care tailored to the unique needs of everyone who walks through our doors.

Together with Niki’s compassionate guidance, we create a nurturing environment where patients feel supported and empowered on their journey to optimal health and wellness. At Vernal Chiropractic and Root Medical, you are not just a patient, you are part of our extended family, and your wellness is our priority.

In conjunction with researched-based Chiropractic techniques, we have incorporated several additional natural services that include:

• Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapies
• Umbilical Cord Tissue Injections for Joints and aesthetics
• Nutritional Response Testing
• Plant based anti-inflammatory joint injections - skip the damaging cortisone
• Nutritional IV therapies- nutrient rich as well as help reduce inflammation
• Male and Female Rejuvenation
• Cold Laser Therapy- non-invasive holistic healing to naturally stimulate your body to heal
• Ozone Ear Insufflations  - fights infection and inflammation
• Ozone Sauna- Increase oxygen utilization and decrease joint pain
• Hair Restoration - stimulate hair growth by encouraging the rejuvenation of follicles
• Hand Restoration
• Glutathione Injections or IV push
• B12, MICC and LIPPO Injections - Boost energy and convert fat into energy
• Micro NeedlingMicro Needling with PRP or UCT injections
• Microdermabrasion
• SPG Block - for chronic headaches and migraines
• Whole Food organic supplements- Standard Process and Systemic Formulas
• Highest quality CBD oil, creams and roll-ons - Med 7
• Hemp infused water and energy shots - Med 7
• Medical weight loss and body Contouring- Red and infrared laser by Invisa-Red
• Olympia Pharmacy Weight Loss Program
• Digestive and gastro laser therapy - jump start your colon and calm down digestive issues with Invisa-Red
• Essential Oils - lavender, breathe easy, peppermint, lemon, Rosemary, Tea Tree, etc.
• DOT's Sports Physicals Plus an Array of Products to include:
- Essential oil diffusers, Bio-freeze, wrist and back braces, water pillows, professional skin care and portable TENS units

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