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Chiropractic Care in Vernal, UT

Med 7 CBD Products

Med 7 CBD oil and recovery cream is made with Purzorb technology so that it is absorbed quicker and more efficiently. Med 7 uses a process called Column Chromatography to process the CBD in their products. This method results in a purer and less diluted product. Med 7 is the only company to use this patented technique.​

CBD has been proven to help with many ailments and over all general health such as: motor and neurological activity, motor coordination, appetite, short term memory, pain perception, anxiety, and inflammation.​

Med 7 products sold at Root Medical and Vernal Chiropractic are Clinical Strength. These products are fast acting and can be felt within 15 minutes. They are water based and have an 85% Bio-Absorption rate, nothing gets to the bloodstream faster.

Med 7 Products

• Clinical Strength Recovery Cream - Works to soothe muscle pain and soreness with a fast acting, non-greasy subtle heat.
• Healing Gel - A water based hydrogel that is used to promote natural healing of the skin as well soothe the injured area.
• Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Pets - Is used for anxiety, arthritis, and pain control.
• Full Spectrum CBD Oil - Sold in natural or cinnamon flavor and can also be purchased in a dropper or roll on. This works best for pain control, inflammation, and anxiety.
• Med 7 Metabolic Support - Works as supplement to help support the metabolism.
• Full Spectrum CBC oil with Vitamin D3 - Is the same as the Full Spectrum CBD oil with the additional benefit of Vitamin D3.
Full Spectrum Hemp CBC oil PM - Has all the same benefits as Full Spectrum CBC oil with the additional benefit of Valerian Root and Skull Cap which is an aid for better sleep.

metabolic support

Metabolic Support

Full spectrum hemp oil with clinically proven metabolic support.

hemp oil


A sleep blend of Skullcap and Valerian Root and Hempzorb81™.

recover cream

Recover Cream

Deep soothing relief for areas of aches and soreness.

healing gel

Healing Gel

A Water-based hydro gel that promotes natural healing of the skin.

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